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We are passionate about helping directors to maximize and solve their financial opportunities and challenges, at an affordable cost and in an empathetic manner. 

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  • Accountancy Services

Not happy with your current accountant? Speak to our accountants who think on their feet & will treat everyone individually. A major factor behind our success in this department is delivering value to clients & our refusal to treat our services as a "production line" operation.  Every client is of equal value to us & our enthusiasm and experience will deliver a successful service for you.


  • Asset Protection

Our legal team can protect your property & assets if you have personal debts/ threats of bankruptcy.


  • Business Acquisitions

Our top solution for directors in debt is to remove them from the firing line by legally acquiring the debited company for a nominal amount. This means that you the director can walk away from your problems, having sold your business with all of its debts in a legal transaction. We can help you structure a new business so that you have a fresh start with no blemishes on your business record or you can walk away knowing that no one can chase you for anything in the future. Your old business and its debts now belong to a new director, and we as the agent handle the hard stuff for you from then on. 


  • Corporate Finance/ Loans

Do you need a term loan? Bridging loan? Asset backed lending? A cash injection? Speak to our finance team to see if they can help you.


  • Debentures

If you have or are going to invest your personal money into your business then why not get our legal team to protect your position by means of a debenture/first charge. Thus, taking you from the bottom of the pecking order to the top should your business ever fall into financial difficulties.


  • Debt Collection

Our professional team of debt collection experts are experienced and effective operators who can resolve your late paying issues quickly.



  • Liquidations

If you are determined to go down the formal Insolvency road, then speak to our ‘friendly’ Insolvency Practitioners. Insolvency Practitioners have a legal duty to look after the interest of the creditors, however our team will look after the interest of directors to the best of their ability. They also assist with personal bankruptcy.


  • Invoice Factoring​/ Invoice Discounting

Do you have invoice factoring? If no – Do you NEED invoice factoring? If yes – Are you happy with your current provider? Speak to our finance team to see if we can get you a better deal and better service. (Invoice Factoring includes Credit Control & Invoice discounting does not provide credit control). Improve your cash flow today!



  • ISO Certification

ISO certification is a statement to your stakeholders, employees and senior management that the business wishes to operate to a set framework in order to achieve its company objectives. Applying for certification is voluntary. However, you may wish to consider having your processing activities certified as it can help you demonstrate compliance to the regulator, the public and in your business to business relationships.


  • Lead Generation​

We can help you source clients for your product/ service. Speak to one of our directors to see if we can help drive more business your way.


  • Legal Advice & Assistance

Our lawyers & legal team can help in all areas of business obstacles. If you have an overdrawn director loan account for example (as a director owe money back to the company), our lawyers can balance the books, submit legal paperwork to consolidate the majority of it.


  • Personal Guarantee Mediation

PG Mediation allows you to safely explore “out of the box” alternative solutions that a court simply can’t, and do it in a timely and cost-effective manner. A representative example would be in a case of a negotiated settlement on a personal guarantee.


  • Product Supplies for your Company

Broadband, Business mobiles, Phone systems, Commercial Energy, Card payment terminals, CCTV, Fire security and door entry, LED Lighting.


  • Ready-to-go Companies for Sale

We can help you source an existing company that has a trading history & a good credit score.


  • Utility Switching/ Savings

We can help you source the best deals for your utilities to help you move forward & maximise your profitability.


Contact us today for free impartial advice and a quote on any of the above services!

Please note - All of our Partners and expert referrals are fully qualified, experienced and FCA regulated where required under current UK regulation and jurisdiction.